Fulfilling Needs of Furniture with Wood Veneers

Buying a house is a huge effort. It requires large amount of financial support as well as proper planning. It is nothing short of a dream for many people. And when this dream comes true for them, there is happiness all around. But the efforts do not stop there. There are efforts needed in making that house a home. You need to buy lots of stuff for that. There are various household items that you need in decorating the house and then comes the essential ones. With new designs in market, you can buy essential items that are good in looks too. Furniture is one of those. There are various types of furniture that you can get. Veneer is one of them which are gaining a lot of popularity right now.

Veneers are selling like hot cakes and that is because they have a lot of advantages over solid wood and other furniture item. But what is a wood veneer and why is it getting so famous? A veneer is nothing but a thin slice of wood that is obtained by peeling off the tree. There are different types of techniques that are used in making wood veneers. Some of them are –
1. Rotary Lathe – a sharp blade is used in this process. Wood is peeled off in one continuous or semi continuous roll. They are generally not that appealing and used mainly for plywood.
2. Slicing Machine – in this type of machine, the flitch is raised and lowered as needed against the blade. The veneer that is produced is known as crown cut.
3. Half-round Lathe – in this type of lathe, the moving of log is done in a way so that it is exposed to the most interesting part of the grain. This type of veneer is superlative and has more textured feel and appearance.

At CP Veneers, you will get around 150 different types of veneers. Some of them are midnight rosewood range, mossy green ziricote, ripple sliced teak, antique bird eye maple, monsoon ash splash, desert walnut crotch, praline burl etc.

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