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When you have a house, you try your best to decorate it with products that increase the look of your house. A lot of effort and money is put into it. When the house is bought, the feeling of a dream coming true is there. But you realize that all is not achieved. There is a sense of incompleteness. That is because interiors of a house are as important as the house itself. There are many things that can be bought when it comes to aesthetics but the most important of them all is furniture. Furniture has lots of use in our household. Without furniture, you cannot possibly imagine a home. Therefore, buying right furniture is very important. Now when it comes to furniture, you can opt for wood veneers which are the latest trend. Wood Veneers are getting more and more popular these days because they bring with themselves a natural glow and shine.

But what is a wood veneer? A veneer is nothing but a thin slice of wood that is obtained from directly a tree or a log. They are usually thinner than 3mm and are therefore glued onto core panels directly. They are becoming famous because they help in improving the aesthetics of your home. The main reason why they are preferred over solid wood is because they are highly durable. As they are very thin, they are not susceptible to breaking and warping. One more advantage veneers have is, as they are obtained from wood, you won’t find any two veneers similar in appearance. That is very unique and cannot be said for any other wood products. There are hundreds of different veneers that are available in market. Some of them are –
1.    Midnight Rosewood Range – they are exported from Canada and are known for their sophistication.
2.    Ripple Sliced Teak – the coarsely textured appearance is its USP and it is perfect for surfacing cabinets, doors in living room, bedroom etc.
3.    Australian Ebony – as the name suggests, they are originated in Australia. The reason why it suits the portrait work very well is because it has unique figuring.