Top Notch Wood Veneers Available at Affordable Price

If we talk about our house, then furniture is considered as the soul. It is one of those decorative items that are found in abundance. In whichever room we go, there will be furniture present in abundance. Our drawing room has sofa set whereas dining table is set in the dining room and finally, there are beds in every room. There is use of wood even in kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore, it becomes critical to buy wood from a reliable place. Nowadays, if you see what kind of wood products are selling the most, then veneers will top the list.

Wood Veneers are nothing but a thin slice of wood that are obtained by peeling off the tree. They are very thin with each of them being 3-3.5 mm in diameter. Therefore, variable designs are made with the help of veneers. If you are to compare any two veneers obtained from any two places in the world, you will see that there is no similarity in them. This is one of the most unique features of a veneer.

There are two main reasons why everyone is running behind wood veneers. One of them is their durability and the other is aesthetic appearance. As they are not susceptible to warping and breaking, wood veneers are highly durable. You can expect them to last very long. They also are very pleasing to the eye, that‘s why everyone wants to have them in their home.

Some of the commonly found veneers are as follows –

1. Riverstream Rosewood – it turns out to be the best with semi-gloss finish of lacquer or oil-based polyurethane and is suited from simple wall cabinets to high end radio speakers.

2. Roasted Brown Charcoal – it is bonded through heat and pressure to a variety of backing. It is ideal for laminating curved as well as flat surfaces.

3. Rustic Pomelle – it is made from eucalyptus wood which has a fragrant smell. It is a versatile veneer.

4. Smoky Ash Trail – it has amazing pattern and single grain which allows you to try something new and different.