Fulfill All Your Needs of Wood Under One Roof

All of us want to make our house look more presentable. We want everyone to appreciate our house. It takes a lot of effort to maintain our home. This is because aesthetic appearance of the house is critical. This is done by buying household items that will make your house good. If we look around the house, then we will notice that furniture is that item which is present everywhere. It is present in abundance in our house. Without furniture, house will appear empty. Therefore, we need to buy good quality of furniture. And there is nothing better than veneers when it comes to furniture. Veneers are a hot property and they are selling like hot cakes in the market. This is because they have lots of advantages.

A veneer is a piece of wood that is obtained by cutting it right from the tree. They are thin in size, usually 3 mm in diameter. The interesting part about a veneer is that they are very unique in nature. If you compare any two veneers, you will find that they are different in appearance. As only a thin slice of veneer is cut from the tree, they do not adversely affect the environment.

Wood veneers are highly durable. They have a long shelf life. They are not susceptible to warping and breaking which is the main reason why people prefer veneers. Aesthetic appeal is something which is why veneers are made. They have so much use that you can use it anywhere. There are different types of veneers that are available in the market. Some of them are –

1. Raw Veneer – it has no backing on it and any side can be used. Both the sides will appear differently after backing has been done.

2. Paper Backed Veneer – they are available in large sizes. Before the process of backing, smaller pieces are joined together.

3. Phenolic Backed Veneers – they are less likely to crack when being used on curved surface. They are also less commonly found and used for composite or artificial wood veneers.